How to make the most NFT profit

How to make the most NFT profit

Be Neat

Allow others to make money as well

Floor Price

List higher than the lowest price.

This way you maintain the floor.
Nobody hase to see their NFT value go down and projects are safe.

Unique Amount

Sell your NFT with an unique price.

This way the value grows with each sale. Just the way everyone wants it. Even a 0.01 extra does make the difference.

Share Your NFT

Show off and drive more sales.

This way more people can find that cool project you invested in. Surely that your (social media) friends love you for it.

Because we all want the same thing

Diamond Hands

We do not panic with price fluctuations

We do not sell with loss

We do make more money

We understand

Bull and Bear market

Make the most profit when you buy low and sell high. When we speak of a bear market the peoples confidence goes down and so goes the worth. This is the best time to buy for little money. The bull market sais the confidence is building up. Prices goes up as well. It’s the perfect time to sell for way more than you had bought.

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